Nguyen, Tran Tu Quynh Son - Renne, France

I had the opportunity to travel to the US from France, I came to Father Truong Buu Diep Foundation to share my stories of blessings by Father Diep upon my family.  I had always wanted to come to Father Diep’s Foundation for a long time now.


Father Diep had bestowed many blessings upon my family, but there was one blessing that happened about ten years ago that I remember the most.  At that time, I had prayed for my daughter to be able to be a foreign student and study in France.  Back then, it was very difficult to go to France to study, it wasn’t easy at all.


That’s why around August, my family went to Tac Say, Ca Mau to pray to Father Diep.

My house is in the city of Bien Hoa, the fastest route took 8 hours.  Once we got to Father Diep, it was pouring rain but because we wanted to pray to Father Diep, my whole family got out of the car and went straight to his Shrine.  Before we went down to pray, whether our prayers would be answered or not, we believed in Father Diep and my family made an offering of a plaque to Father Diep in gratitude.  My brothers and sisters cemented the plaque to Father Diep at his gravesite, in the rain and then prayed before we went home.  A few days later, my sister received a visa to go study abroad in France.  When we looked at the date on the file when my sister’s visa was approved, it was the exact same day when my entire family went to pray to Father Diep.


As for me, I always have a picture of Father Diep with me on my motorcycle.  I always pray to Father Diep when I go out, when I go to work, and Father Diep always protect me.  For example, one time I was driving very fast, in heavy traffic, as I changed lane into a less traveled lane, suddenly there was a pedestrian appearing in front of me trying to cross the street.  At that time, I was going about 100kh/h, very fast.  But after that incident, both the pedestrian and I were okay.  If there was a truck or some large size vehicle in front of me I don’t know what would’ve happened.  The people who witnessed the accident were all very surprised, but happy that no one was injured even though the pedestrian was reckless in crossing the street the way they did.


My family and I had believed and prayed to Father Diep for a long time now.  My parents go on the internet, watch TV about the blessings that Father Diep had bestowed on everyone.  My mother also advise that I should go to the Truong Buu Diep Foundation (TBDF) website and watch all of the programs about Father Diep’s Blessings from episode 1 to the most recent.  I did as my mother suggested, and I always keep Father Diep in my heart and pray to him.


This is my third visit to America, but it’s the first time that I heard of Father Diep’s Foundation in California, that is why on my visit this time, I wish to see Father Diep and thank him and continue to pray to him. 

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at the Truong Buu Diep Foundation for their hard work, their diligence and compassion in helping everyone who come and pray to Father Diep so that they will continue to spread the message of Father Diep’s love and blessings to all those who love him and have faith in him, so that they will dedicate themselves to him.


As a Christian, I wish to share my stories, especially to remind everyone to pray in earnest, from the bottom of their hearts and to be patient.  Father Diep will listen and he will intercede on our behalf.  If our prayers are not answered after one, two or three times, do not be disappointed.  Even if our prayers are not answered right away, when the blessings come, it will be ten times, a hundred times better than what we ask for.  Yes, we must be dedicated.

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