Nguyen, Van Tao An Giang, Viet Nam
On Tet Lunar New Year 2013, I took my wife to visit her mom.  On the way from Cho Moi market to Long Xuyen, although I drove very slow, my motorcycle tipped over, it was very fortunate that both my wife and I did not suffer any injuries.  I only scraped my arm a little.  Two three months later, I cut my hand on something and bled profusely but I didn’t know why while my wife had a swelling at her elbow that grew into the size of an orange.  My wife and I went to all sorts of physicians and took all sorts of medications and used ointments and bandages.  We treated in all sorts of ways but our wounds refused to heal.  Four months later, we went to the Tac Say church where Father Diep’s Shrine is, and we bought a bottle of water to place on Father Diep’s gravesite and to pray for him to heal us.

Using only that bottle of water, our wounds were healed three days later and we didn’t even noticed it.  I said to my wife that this is a miracle by Father Diep.  In 2013 I visited Father Diep here but did not have a chance to tell my story of his healing us at that time.  This year when I come back to the US, I visit Father Diep again and was happily surprised when the Truong Buu Diep Foundation invited us to tell our story as witnesses for Father Diep.
I wish to tell everyone, whether they are Buddhists are God’s flock that when they read this story, please know that it is my true story.  Whether they believe (in Father Diep) or not is up to them.  As for me, I strongly believe in him and I know that there are many things in this life that belongs to the spiritual sciences.  Only those who have experience it would understand.  My opinion is that just because something is unexplainable, doesn’t mean that we should simply dismiss it. Without seeing, it’s hard to believe but once seen, let faith come naturally.  There is a saying: “to believe is to be healed.”