Nguyen, Thi Kim Lien Lynnwood, Washington

Nguyen, Thi Kim Lien – Lynnwood, Washington

In 2013, I went for a medical exam and my doctor told me that I had a tumor the size of a four month old pregnancy, I had to go to the hospital every month.


Each time I prayed to Father Truong Buu Diep, my pain went away so I did not have to have an operation to remove the tumor.  However, because the large size of the tumor, doctors recommended me for surgery.  But at that time I was only working part-time and did not have health insurance.  So I had to ask my company to allow me to work full-time on a permanent basis.


As a result, the company made me permanent and gave me health insurance.  That was the first blessing.


After the operation, the doctors told me that it will take me several months to recover.  I prayed to Father Diep again.  To my great surprise, I recovered and was back to normal only a few weeks after the operation without experiencing any pain and without taking any medication. 

One time while I was working, my right arm fell limp, I could not lift it.  Lucky for me, I had Father Diep’s picture with me, a gift from the Truong Buu Diep Foundation.  I took the picture out and prayed to Father Diep. Later that evening when I came home, that condition went away.


Work at my company is very stressful, I wished to quit, but I keep prolonging my decision, so I spoke to Father:  “Dear Father, please help me decide what is best for me and for me to take the best actions.”  Two days later, I decided to quit my job without any regrets.  I believe that ever since I started praying to Father Diep that he is with me, and protects me, helping me overcome all dangers.  My daughter was also blessed by Father Diep.  She is young and very cheerful.  She was hired to work at Target under the condition that she has to invite some customer to apply for a credit card within 100 days of her hiring.  That period of time was almost up but she had not gotten anyone to apply, so we was very afraid of losing her job.  She told me about this, and I told her not to worry, but to go pray to Father Diep.  Each time when I said prayers, she would say prayers alongside me.  The 100 days went by, she got a call from her supervisor, not only was she not let go from her job, but she got a pay raise.


After each prayer to Father Diep, I feel at ease and at peace.  I see how many people pay their respects to Father Diep, so my family decided that we would drive to California, go to Father Diep’s Foundation and give our testimony.