Nguyen, Thi Luan - San Bernadino, California

“I have full faith in Father Diep”

One time when my husband and I was on our way to a wedding, we were traveling on highway 22 East, our car drove over some broken bottles.  I told my husband to evade (the car in front of us had evaded to the right side), but my husband didn’t listen, he drove over them.


Indeed, the next morning, we discovered our car tires were flat.  It was my daughter’s car so I was afraid that she would not have a car to drive to school Monday morning.  It was a Sunday and no one was available to fix the flats.  I told my son to try pumping the tires, while I prayed to Father Diep for his help.  The tires got pumped up but I thought that they would go flat again the next day.  But my daughter was able to drive on it for a month and a half without them going flat again.

Father Diep has performed many miracles for me.  For example, the bottom of my feet are sore as if they are burnt, at night my legs cramp up, very painful.  I suffered like this for two, three years now, I take medicine and try all sort of treatments to no relief.  Yet when I was given blessed water from Father Diep’s Foundation and rubbed the water on my sores, praying while I did this, Father Diep cured me of my painful conditions only after a few treatment.


Recently, my son went for a job interview.  I had given him a picture of Father Diep to put in his wallet, and I told him to pray for Father’s help.  Two hours after the interview, he called to inform me that he was hired and that he got a high salary even though he would not graduate from college for another year.  Another son of mine went in for a job interview and I also told him to pray to Father Diep to intercede.  As a result, he was hired to a good job.  Other than these experiences, I have many, many other stories where I received blessings after prayers.  I tell everyone to go to Father Diep, to trust him and to let him intercede on our behalf.  I have full faith in Father Diep.  I get what I ask for.