Nguyen, Thi Ngoc Hang West Covina, California

”Father grants me my wishes”

In 1993 I saw a black and white picture of Father Diep on the Duc Me Hang Cuu Giup (Mother Mary) magazine.  At that time I already knew of the many thank you notes to Father Diep that people publish.  I wished in my heart that I could have a picture of Father Diep, one in color so I can worship on my altar at home.  A few months later, there was a person coming from Vietnam bringing a picture of Father Diep, one in color, exactly as I had wished.  I was so delighted. Since then, I received many of Father Diep’s blessings. There are too many small blessings to speak of, there was a special blessing that I received in 1995. I purchased a nails business from a friend.  At first I was very afraid. 

When I didn’t have any customers come in, I would pray to Father Diep:  “Dear Father, if you are holy, please bring me customers.” Not long thereafter, customers crowded into my shop.  One night I worked past 9pm, I worked hard and sweated in fear, but Father Diep was always with me and answered my prayers.  My nails business is still in operation to this day.