Nguyen, Thi Nga Seattle, Washington

I wanted to go to California to visit my children, but I had pain in my leg and couldn’t walk. My feet swelled up big, requiring surgery butI could not undergo an operation because I was diabetic.  Around All Saints Month, I read the prayer books and prayed to God. My condition improved but I was still in a lot of pain, I cried to Father Diep: “Dear Father, I am like a dead person already, just coming back to life now. I beg you to bless me so that I may visit you in California and give thanks, please help me Father.”
I prayed to God and got better.  I was able to offer a Rosary.  Before I went to California, my feet were still swollen so my son took me to see a doctor.

Today the doctor had me x-rayed.  An hour later I got on the plane.  Arriving in California my legs were still in pain, two of my children coming to pick me up saw me walking with a cane.  But after I came to visit Father Diep, my leg pain went away that same night.  Today, I come here to bear testimony for Father Diep because the pains in my legs have completely gone away.
Whenever I am in dire straits, I cry out Father Diep’s name and beg for his help, sometimes even making demands of him.  For example one time when my son had misplaced my keys and couldn’t find it after searching everywhere.  I got impatient and cried out:  “Dear Father, please help me find my keys, please let me know in 15 minutes, dear Father.”  Yet, exactly 15 minutes later I was able to find my keys.  I wish to be a witness for Father Diep and to continue to pray to God so that Father Diep would be canonized soon.