Nguyen, Thi Thang Michigan

In 1977, I suffered a traumatic head injury, very serious.  At the time I had a light-headed feeling like I was floating away, and then I saw someone in a dark cloak, with a kind face, wearing long prayer beads down to his legs.  He spoke to me and said:  “Rejuvenate”.  Right after that, I was able to move my arms and legs.  My niece who was with me noticed this and immediately called the doctors.
I actually rejuvenated. When I returned home, I keep wanting to go to church even though before I only worshipped ancestors and was not a Christian. I have a woman friend who gave me a picture of a Priest. I was shocked and surprised when I recognized that this was the person that saved my life, who brought me back to this world in 1977. 
I went to church regularly and prayed to God, to Mother Mary of Fatima and to Father Diep.
I prayed that I could emigrate from Vietnam, to find work, and to help my loved ones who were living in poverty.  Amazingly, Father Diep opened the way for me.  Since then, I always pray to Father Diep.  And I get whatever I pray for, especially when I pray for family members and friends.
I live in a city in Michigan where there are very few Vietnamese people, but I was still gifted by a friend with a picture of Father Diep which came from the Truong Buu Diep Foundation.  Since then, I knew of the Foundation’s address and today, I am privileged to be here, to be able to talk to Father Diep and to be his witness.​