Nguyen, Thi Thuy Linh Saigon, Việt Nam

In my family, one of our kids have an eye-ache that persisted for a long time.  He went to the doctor and was prescribed medicines to take but his condition did not get better.
Finally, as a last recourse, we went to Church in Tac Say and were blessed with Holy water to take home for him to drink and we prayed to Father Diep daily for his health.
When my family fall on hard times and illnesses, we do not have the opportunity to visit Father Diep’s Shrine, we only offer up prayers from home, yet Father Diep answers our prayers.
I am not a Catholic but I strongly believe in the holiness of Father Diep.  That’s why when I had my daughter, I prayed to Father Diep to give me a son.
My prayers were answered.
I have known of Father Diep for 20 years now.  I had many occasions to go to America, but in past trips I did not know of Father Diep’s Foundation here in Southern California.  But this time, I was introduced to Father Diep’s Foundation by a dentist friend of mine.
I was so happy, because I have been so blessed by Father Diep, now I wish to be a witness to his miracles.
By telling my story, I wish to speak to everyone about Father Diep, and how they should go pray with him sincerely as I have when they are in pain and suffering from illnesses.