Nguyen, Thi Tuyet Hoa Santa Ana, California

About two weeks ago, I fell into a coma for 10 days. I had breathing tubes inserted into my body by the doctors, and they told my children that my chances of survival were less than 10%.
Because I was afraid that I would not regain my health, I asked my children to plan for my funeral.  As soon as the doctors remove the tubes, I was ready to be taken to the crematoria.  In my state of coma, I was tortured by ghosts and demons who bushed and pulled at my limbs, as if they wanted to feast on my flesh. That was when Father Truong Buu Diep appeared, his shoulders covered with a purple shawl.  I still remember now how Father Diep appeared and chased the ghosts and demons away:  “Get out.”  Then he turned to me in a gentle voice, Southern accent:  “I am Father Truong Buu Diep, I have come to visit you and I will bless you with this oil.”  Then he put ointment on me.
In my comatose state, I had visions of Father Diep three times like that.  I remember his eyes were very beautiful, looking down at me compassionately.  On his third visit I regained consciousness.

In fact, I suffer from diabetes which led to heart fatigue and swelling.  I had to be hospitalized, my body had deteriorated, I had liver disease and kidney failure cause my abdomen to swell up like a soccer ball.
Before I fell into a coma, the hospital kept moving me around from department to department, in search of treatments.  I only know to pray to God, Mother Mary and beg for Father Diep to intercede on my behalf.  My children, those in Vietnam as well as those in America all pray to Father Diep on my behalf.  When I came to, I spoke normally with the doctors, and with my children as if I had never fallen into a coma.  The doctors were very surprised at this.  I had received many blessings from Father Diep.  It was by his help that I was saved, I came back to life after dying.
I know of Father Diep for a long time now, ever since I was still in Vietnam.  When I came to the US, my daughter whose name is Nguyen Thi Bich Chi said that there was a Father Diep Foundation here.  She goes to pray to Father Diep regularly and has also been blessed by him.
Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Chi:  I have great faith in the holiness of Father Diep ever since I have been blessed by him.  When I was in Florida, I took the citizenship exam twice but failed.  When I moved to California and resettled here, I retook the exam.  This time I prayed to Father Diep:  “Dear Father, please let me meet me with a nice and easy interviewer.”  Indeed, on the day of the exam, I brought Father Diep’s picture with me into the examination room.  The interview didn’t ask me anything but let me pass anyways.  Ever since I know of Father Diep, he has answered my prayers.