Nguyen, Thi Van San Diego, California

In 2013, I had a tumor in my head.  The doctor who examined me said that since I am of advanced age, they would only make a small incision on my forehead.
On the scheduled date of operation, my daughter-in-law and two of my grandkids took me to the hospital.  I didn't think to pray yet at that time.  But I was not afraid of surgery because I had asked my doctor if the operation would be fatal?  The doctor who is religious said that he cannot be certain 100%, only God could answer that question for me.  Hearing this, I asked that the operation date be rescheduled so I would have time to go home and pray.
The doctor agreed and rescheduled me for an operation in three months time.  In September of 2014, I went to Father Diep’s Foundation on Euclid from San Diego so that I could pray to him. I said:  “Dear Father, I don’t know how to drive, I cannot speak English, and this illness has caused me to suffer tremendously, please save me Father.”
Three months later, my son took me to see the doctor to have x-rays taken again.  They reviewed the results very carefully for about an hour.  After that, they called me in, shook my hands and congratulated me since I no longer required surgery, I only need to treat with radiation.  After radiation therapy for five weeks, I refused to have new x-rays taken.  But recently, that is one year since my radiation therapy, I went back for a re-exam.  That day they did not give me a diagnosis but they said that they would call me in three to four days time to give me an update over the phone.  Exactly three days later they called to inform me that I no longer have a tumor in my head.  It was unbelievable!  I knew that Father Diep had answered my prayers, and I continue to pray to Father Diep to bless me with good health.
I had only come to Father Diep’s Foundation once.  Since I lived far away, I asked for a picture of Father Diep and prayer books to take home to read and a Holy water to place on an altar.  Each time I read the prayer books I take sips of the Holy water.  I have been blessed by Father Diep and that is why I decided to return to his office today to bear witness to his holiness, for his interceding on our behalf.