Nguyen, Thien Kim Santa Ana, California

I have a younger brother that had gone missing for the last 10 years.  I came to Father Diep and talked to him:  “Dear Father, I know that there is no one other than you that can help me now.  Please help me, please cause my brother to phone home to me and let me know where he is, how he is, so I can have some peace of mind.” Father Diep is truly holy.  I had prayed to Father Diep in 2013, in the year 2014, my younger brother phoned home and then came to visit my family.  We were so happy. Today I come here to give thanks to Father Diep and to share with everyone my story so that they will know of his holiness.
In life, we all have our predicaments.  By sharing my stories, I hope that everyone will come to Father Diep, pray to him and gain his blessings.  I know Father Diep for a long time now, but my faith has been weak.  Because I am always so busy, I forget about him although I have his picture in my house.  In 2013 I was reminded of Father Diep by many people and so I decided to go visit Father Diep’s Foundation on Euclid to pray more often and my prayers have been answered.  Since I have been blessed by Father Diep, my faith in his Holiness have become stronger and stronger.