Nguyen, Thu Garden Grove, California

In 2001, when I was still living in Vietnam, life was miserable for me, I had to relocate to Soc Trang to live.  My friends there advised me:  “You should try going to pray to Father Diep, he is very holy.”  I am a Buddhist, so I didn’t believe in Christianity very much.  But I was suffering so much at the time and I had no other recourse.  I listened to my friends’ advice and went to visit Father Diep’s Shrine in Tac Say, Ca Mau.  Once there, I cried a lot and I asked Father Diep to take pity on me and to help me.  Honestly, at that time I did not have much faith in Father Diep.  A few months later, I noticed that my life had changed, things were looking much brighter than before.  I returned to Saigon and went to work, I had a lot of good people help me and my life improved tremendously. Then I got to immigrate to the US.
When I was praying to Father Diep, I had pledged that if my condition improved, that I would go back to Father Diep and to do charity, to give rice to poor people but I have not been able to make good on this pledge yet.  Even so, I keep my promise in my heart and will never forget.
Most recently, I thought of Father Diep and I told a friend about the blessings that I received from him, the friend also wish to go visit Father Diep.  My friend also said to me:  We are Buddhists, why should we go to him.  But that night when I opened my Facebook, I saw Father Diep picture suddenly appear.  I was shocked, I think that Father Diep wants me to remember to visit him.  I am certain that is the case.  Father Diep has made me a faithful believer.