Nguyen, Tommy Garland, Texas
When I first resettled in America, my daughter was a normal average 16 year old, but for some unknown reason she became stressed out and then suffered mental illness. When my family took her to the hospital, she did not know what was going on, she didn’t even recognize her loved ones. We were very depressed about this, especially when the doctors diagnosed that my daughter would have to be on medication for the rest of her life. I was without hope, but when I was in utter despair, I thought about Father Diep and I began to pray to him, nine times each time.Each time when I prayed, I said to Father: “Dear Father, please heal my daughter, but I will obey the Lord’s will regardless.
For these past two years, my daughter’s condition has improved gradually, to the point that she no longer need medication.  Now she is a very beautiful and lovable.  I believe this is a miracle that Father Diep had interceded on our behalf to bless my daughter.
My life has been full of hardship.  When I came to America, I had to work two jobs:  one at a laundromat and another job at a pho restaurant.  I was very frugal and was able to save up some money.  When my uncle wanted to sell his pho restaurant, I had some money saved up and offer to buy the business.  He only wanted to sell to me so I got the restaurant. During the time that I was doing the transfer, I prayed to Father Diep:  “Dear Father, I have suffered for so long, please allow me to get this business so I can be my own boss, help me Father, I do not wish to wait on tables anymore.  Father Diep, you had taken pity upon me and healed my daughter, now please love me also.”  When all the paperwork was completed, my life changed, I became a business owner.
Compared to before when my income was now, ever since I owned the restaurant, my income soared, I thought it was a dream.  From being a hired worker, now I am a business owner of a big restaurant.  I had become successful.