Nguyen, Tuyet Mai & Phan, Anh Anaheim, California
Nguyen, Tuyet Mai:  We applied for housing, we went to pray to Father Diep, very diligently, very patiently. Finally, we were rewarded with a very nice and comfortable house. About 3 years ago, I had pain in my right side, it was extremely painful, and it got worse and worse by the day. At that time, I had to crawl to Father Diep’s altar and pleaded with him: “Dear Father, I am in so much pain, I think I am going to die, please intercede on my behalf to God, to Mother Mary and Saint Joseph so that my pain would go away. After I pleaded with Father Diep, I opened a bottle of blessed water that I got from Father Diep’s Foundation and took some sips. 
Then I went to my bed to lie down until the next morning, when I woke up, my pain had gone away.  Most recently, the pain in my sides returned, I went to the doctor to have an examination and it was discovered that I had a polyp in my colon and that I also had stomach ulcers.  I prayed to Father Diep, and now I am completely cured, that is why I am here today to give thanks to Father Diep. 

Phan, Anh:  When we first arrived in the United States, we resettled in Florida. At that time, we were not yet accustomed to our new life, and we encountered many difficulties. My younger sister gave me a picture of Father Diep and told me to place it in my car so that Father Diep could guide and protect me. I remember one day, as I was turning at an intersection, another car came speeding toward me. I only had a split second to look at Father Diep’s picture and then the other car flew past me. If Father Diep was not there with us, I think my wife and I would have lost our lives right then and there.


Myself, I suffer from prostate problems, the doctor said that my blood tests indicate a 7.4 and so surgery was required. I asked the doctor to give me some time. I went home to pray to Father Diep, I also went to his Foundation to pray continuously. Now the most recent test result shows a 3.5 only. I wanted to be certain about this so I went to another place to have a second test which shows a 3. Now it has been over a year and those numbers have not changed.


In my mind, ever since Father Diep martyred himself for his flock in 1946, he was already a Saint, but since evidence is required, there are many witnesses coming forward.