Nguyen, Van Phuc Riverside, California
In November of 2011, when I was 83 years old, I fell down and lost consciousness. After surgery for my head trauma, I remained in a coma and bedridden for three years ongoing.
During those three years, I heard my wife retell to me that my family had prayed numerous times to God and Mother Mary for me so that I may regain consciousness, otherwise they ask that God take me, my family was willing to obey God’s will.
Exactly three years later in October of 2014, I regained consciousness.

Although I had came back to my senses, I still could not sit up.  Each time I wished to sit up, my wife and children had to help me up, massage my arms and legs so that they would wake up.  Since I came back to consciousness, my wife and children take me to Church every Sunday.  The whole parish knows of my coma and paralysis during those years.  Seeing that I am able to attend Mass again, everyone was happy for me.
After worship service, I sit up in my wheel chair and watch television.  One day I saw on the screen a picture of Father Truong Buu Diep and a lot of people praying to him and were blessed.  I said to myself:  “Dear Father, I know that you are very holy, I wish to go see you, but my children told me that your Foundation was very far away, no one is available to take me there, especially since I require to be carried.  And I didn’t know where Father Diep’s Foundation was.”
Then suddenly one day, a neighbor of mine came back from Father Diep’s Foundation and gave to my daughter to give to me a picture of Father Diep and two bottles of water, that’s how I came to know of Father Truong Buu Diep’s Foundation on Euclid in the city of Garden Grove.  I look at Father Diep’s picture every day and pray, I ask for Father Diep to help me so that I might be able to stand up normally.  Actually, my children help me to practice walking in my living room every day but I get very tired and can barely walk.
Seeing how badly I wish to go see Father Diep, on January 12, 2015, my children arranged to take me to visit Father Diep.  That day, I prayed for Father Diep to allow me to stand up normally and not have to use a wheel chair.  Then on January 23, my children took me back to Father Diep’s Foundation one more time.  At that time I still had to sit in my wheel chair, unable to stand up.
Sunday February 3, my family took me to Mass.  When we returned home, my wife wheeled me into my bedroom.  I sat in my wheel chair, reading prayers and drinking a bit of water brought back from Father Diep’s Foundation.  About 12 noon, I suddenly had a good feeling overcome me, I spoke silently to Father Diep:  “Dear Father, please ask God to allow me to stand up, help me do this.”  A while later, I had a sensation as if someone was lifting me up, then my legs were able to move gently.  It was miraculous, a blessing direct from Father Diep to me.
Since then, I have no need for my wheel chair.  As a precaution, I take my walker with me when I leave my house, but I do not have to use my walker in the house as I can walk like a normal person at home. In July 2015 I returned to Father Diep’s Foundation.  The last two times I came there was to pray for blessings, this third time I came to give thanks to Father Diep for healing me.