Nguyen, Van Xuan Orange, California
I had a heart replacement some nine years ago. In February of 2015, I fell ill with the flu and had to be taken to the emergency room. After that, I was released from the hospital but then I lost consciousness and so my family had to re-admit me to the hospital.  At the hospital, they found that my heart was very weak and that I had pneumonia. The doctor said to my wife that I was beyond treatment, and that in 48 hours if I did not regain consciousness, that they would remove my tubes. My family and relatives upon learning this news gathered to see me.

My nieces and nephews who were in medical school believed that I would not recovered and told my wife to plan for my funeral. My younger sister suggested to the doctors that the tubes should be removed so that I can go peacefully, so that I would not suffer from being hooked up to all the machinery. But my wife did not agree. She said that she had gone to Father Diep’s Foundation on Euclid to pray to Father Diep, even though we are not Christians.  Then she brought back from there two bottles of water to moisten my head and hair.
In my state of unconsciousness, I saw myself float into a terrible place, where many evil people dwelled and they were like waiting there to kill me.  Then, I saw a Priest dressed in black suddenly appeared and asked me:  Where are you going?  Then without my answering, she motioned for me to walk backwards.  When I learned that my wife had gone to a Priest named Truong Buu Diep to pray on my behalf, I guessed that He was the person I met in my dream-state. When I came to, I continued to be laid up in the hospital for several weeks until mid-March 2015 when I was released from the hospital.  Since then, my health gradually improved. I believe that modern medicine only played a small part in helping me come back from the dead.  If it wasn’t for my Faith, my belief in Father Diep, and my wife’s proper decision to pray to Father Diep on my behalf, I wouldn’t be here today.