Pham, Hung Nguyen, Thuy Anaheim, California
Ms. Thuy Nguyen:  About a year ago, my husband was diagnosed with hepatitis, he had to undergo dialysis otherwise he would not survive.  In the early days of the diagnosis, our family was in distress, we ran to Father Diep to pray.  My husband received a liver transplant but the first liver was oversized, my husband’s body rejected it.  My husband’s hands were shaking already. I hurried to Father Diep’s Foundation to beg him to save my husband’s life, I pleaded with Father Diep for my husband to receive a suitable liver in time.  I arrived at Father Diep’s Foundation at around 11 noon.  By 6pm of that same day, we received news from the hospital that a different liver was available for his transplant.  I knew this could only be a blessing from Father Diep because it is not easy to have a liver for transplant, some people have to wait three to four months or even a whole year.  Some died waiting for a liver transplant.  But only within a few hours, my husband had a liver ready.  The liver transplant operation was a success.  That was around September 2014.  But after my husband received his new liver, he was very pale and green, he lost 35 pounds.

I kept praying to Father Diep for his health. Presently my husband is almost completely recovered and he has regained 20 pounds. That is why I came here to give thanks to Father Diep and to contribute my voice in honor and gratitude to him so that everyone will know of his glory. I pray the rosary every night, and then pray and talk to Father Diep as if he is our very own father living with us. We ask for his blessings for everything.

Mr. Hung Pham:  Before I received Father Diep’s life saving grace, he also helped me with many other blessings.  Beyond my expectations, I was able to pass my citizenship exam even though I did not speak good English.  I was able to answer the interviewer’s questions as if someone was speaking for me, like it wasn’t even me talking.  I passed on my very first try.  Not my family absolutely believe in Father Diep.  For those who haven’t receive his blessings, please do not lost patient, keep being diligent and dedicated in your prayers to Father Diep.