Pham, Jenney West Covina, California
Sixteen years ago, my nephew who was living in Vietnam at the time fell from a tractor and suffered a concussion, head trauma. He was brought to the emergency room but his chances of survival was only 50%. The doctors’ prognosis predicted that he would not ever be normal again.  Indeed, after the accident, he suffered from seizures every two to three days, his eyes would roll back into his head.  He could not go to school and could not hold down a job.  Each time he had a seizure, his mother would have to pry his mouth with a chopstick so that he would not bite his tongue.  After resettling in the United States for some 20 years now, I heard from others that Father Truong Buu Diep was very holy, his Shrine is in Ca Mau but I had not have an opportunity to return to Vietnam. 
Three years ago, ever since I learned about Father Diep’s Foundation in the city of Garden Grove, I came to pray to him and to ask Father Diep to cure my nephew. To my surprise, his health improved gradually after I started praying to Father Diep.  Now, after three years, I am happy to report that my nephew has returned back to normal almost 90%.  He can read and write and does not suffer from seizures anymore.  Now I pray the rosary every night and pray for Father Diep’s blessings upon my family.
We have received many blessings from Father Diep.  He has answered my prayers after I commune with him. I am unshaken in my belief that Father Diep intercedes between us and God, no one else.  Of course we don’t always get what we pray for or that just anyone can be blessed.  We have to be honest in our prayers and dedicated, waiting patiently for our prayers to be answered, it doesn’t always happen right away.  Father Diep will surely bless everyone.