Pham, Mary Santa Ana, California
I have a daughter that resides in New York. She works for a design company.  When the economy is in decline, her company laid off a lot of people. Those with high pay are laid off first, while those who make less money were laid off later.
At first, I prayed to God to help my daughter to obtain gainful employment (because I had not known of Father Truong Buu Diep yet).  After I knew about Father Diep, I pray that he intercedes on my behalf.  Not long thereafter, my daughter was hired to a very good job by a famous design company in New York.

When I was living in New York, I suffer from a stroke.  I prayed to God, and to Father Diep, and my life was saved.  My son was in and out of prison.  I prayed to Father Diep:  “Dear Father, please take pity on my family, my children are ignorant, please save my son from prison.” I prayed for about a year and my son was released from prison.
I worship God observantly.  Father Diep is close to God and he can pray to God on our behalf so that we would be blessed in every way.  That is why I continue to ask Father Diep to intercede on our behalf.  Father Diep has compassion and love for humanity, he is generous.  He blesses all those who pray to him for his help.  God and Father Diep have given to my family many good things and I wish to share our experiences with everyone so that they will know that whenever they are in need, whenever they are sad and suffering, injured and infirmed, that they can run to Father Diep and pray for his help.