TBDF Projects

Throughout the last four years since the foundation was established, we have received overwhelming support, countless feedback, and invaluable sentiments from visitors and guests from all around the world.
Right here in the office of Truong Buu Diep Foundation (TBDF), we have the opportunity to witness the harsh reality that is happening to the elderly immigrants in the United States. As their hairs gray and health decline, many will inevitably endure their final moments in solitude and clouded in pessimism, longing for affection and proper care that may not be provided from their families.
This predicament has compelled our members in the foundation to take action, to not only emulate the compassion of Father Diep, but to also honor his wishes. Our plan is to construct a village under his name (Village of Father Diep), fostering a community of likeminded individuals to live together, who share the common interest of loving and receiving Father Truong Buu Diep’s blessing.
To commemorate the 70th year since the passing of Father Diep, TBDF is honored to publicly announce the project VILLAGE OF FATHER DIEP has officially initiated from today.
The village of Father Diep spans 10 acres of land located at Desert Hot Springs in Riverside County, California. This location is approximately a two-hour drive East from Orange County. This centrally located space is surrounded by natural forests facing west, and neighbors California’s famous attraction Palm Springs facing south.
At an elevation of 1600 ft., the village of Father Diep rests on a circuit of mineral water that flows down to the many resorts Desert Hot Spring. This hot natural mineral water is often used in healing remedies and promotes health recovery.
The village of Father Diep, as defined by real estate agents in the U.S., is a community envisioned for residents who share the same interest to flourish when living with one another, a growing form of housing called Common Interest Development – CID. Inhabitants of the village will have the ability to create rules and activities within the community via a voting system.
Similar to the model villages in Vietnam, residents of this village of Father Diep are those who cherish and admire Father Truong Buu Diep; are over 55 years of age; and are permanent residents or U.S citizen. We strive to have all residents practice physical fitness in parallel with spiritual wellness. Our aspiration is to have this community live their retirement days in a physically healthy and mentally positive, fit to be contributors of society.
The Village of Father Diep provides many amenities for communal use such as: mineral water therapy pool, prayer rooms, meditation areas, Tai Chi, herbal gardens…
The Village of Father Diep also contains a marketplace and cafeterias that cater to the cuisine of the three regions in Vietnam. Residents have the choice to shop at the marketplace for homemade meals, or have shared meals with their neighbors at the cafeteria.
Alongside the chapel of Father Diep, religious activities, retreats, and prayer nights are often hosted. Other religious practices will be organized in accordance with the wishes of the residents.
Village residents are also more than welcomed to jointly organize and participate in activities such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, golden aging anniversaries, major holidays, and cultural celebrations like the commemoration of King Hung, Dragon Boat festival, Fall Festival, Lunar New Year…
Physical health is one of our top priorities. To facilitate better fitness, activities such as: fitness supplements, meditation, yoga, and therapeutic mineral water, will be implemented regularly.
Medical care, legal documents, and health insurance of each resident will be taken care of. Thus the inhabitants will no longer have to be preoccupied by paperwork from taxes and insurance. These tasks will be delegated to representatives from reputable companies to directly aid each individual’s needs.             
The objective of the Village of Father Diep is to establish a center for retired individuals to have a place to call home and engage in the following virtues: Physical Health – Mental Wellbeing – Serving Others. We aim to assist the struggling older generation, who are either unable to take care of themselves, living in solitude, or suffering emotional grief. We also extend our hand to retired religious persons who have dedicated their whole life for serving the public to have a worthy place to live.

To start, please follow two simple steps below:
1. Download registration form Register to Live in Father Dieps' Village in PDF. Please click here to download
2. Print out, fill the form, and send it back to us. You can send via email or bring it to our office. Please click here for contact information